January 23, 2016


We’ve all noticed the parents whose kids are out of control; but have you also noticed those whose kids are not? Have you noticed that within this category of parents some make it seem so easy? Are they the lucky ones who got great kids, or do they do something different? It was this question and the observations that followed that became the inspiration for this site. The observation that some parents have discovered very effective and practical techniques to train and encourage their children. Practical techniques that limited confrontation and often avoiding discipline almost completely. Practices that place the burden on the child to learn and discover for themselves what is best and ultimately to develop into independent, self sufficient young adults.

And so I wanted to copy these extraordinary parents, to learn from them, and imitate their practices. Not only to help my 4 children, but also to selfishly make my life easier. Let’s face it, parenting can be extremely difficult and exhausting. But the observations and experiences I want to share with you I believe will show that with the right ideas we can turn the tables and change parenting into something that is easy, even if it is still a lot of work.

So the goal here is to collect and share only the best and most practical parenting techniques, in a form that is that you can act on immediately so we can journey together to make our lives easier raise amazing kids.

– The very practical parent.