1 Minute Silence: The Best Discipline Technique Ever!

This is one of my favorite discipline techniques. It’s simple and effective so I’m calling it the best! The One Minute Silence is as simple as it sounds and is a great solution when things get unruly or loud or generally chaotic. Simply use the following phrase:

  • Because you have continued to be so loud [adjust as needed] you now need to be completely silent until the clock says X

The rules are simple (and don’t need to be explained in advance to the kids):

  • No sound until the clock reads X (or 1 minute is up)
  • Any sound results in an additional minute
  • Failure to be quite immediately adds an additional minute

Follow the rules above and you’ll see there is no need to get in an argument, simply point out that another minute is being added (“Because you were not silent when I asked you, you now need to be completely silent until the clock says X+1”).

The one minute silence is a great technique where loud volumes are involved because it connects so well to the cause, but can also be used for other issues. This approach is especially useful in vehicles where there are limited options available. And it meets many other disciple goals as well:

  • Puts burden on the child (to watch the clock)
  • Is easy on the parent
  • Gives peace to parents and others
  • Gives child time to think about their actions
  • Gives child time to calm down

You may think there is a loophole in that, without knowing the seconds, the child may get a much shorter timeout. What I’ve seen is, this still works because the child is suddenly happy about the short interval – thinking they have beat the system,that they move along. And if they behaviour continus, just repeat the timeout.

So give it a shot and let me know if you agree or disagree that the one minute silence is the best disciple technique ever.

– the very practical parent

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