The Discipline Mistake You Will Regret

Screaming Parent

It doesn’t have to be like this

When it comes to discipline there are a lot of ways we as parents can get it wrong. But the mistake that undermines our sanity as parents is when we make the discipline harder on ourselves than on our children. We actually end up punishing ourselves more than the child. There are specific cases where this type of intensive intervention is needed but it appears to me that extraordinary parents have ways of turning the tables on their child for most of the day to day responsibilities. So todays tip:

  • Make discipline harder on the child than on you.

So if you want to use a timeout, be sure the timeout is longer than it takes you to start and stop it. Cancelling a child’s activity? Make sure the time at home is used to help out around the house. Stressed over how to respond? Make the child come up with their own consequence.

Of course the challenge is in the details so browse around to some of the various suggestions here or on other sites – I hope they all meet this guideline. You might like 1 minute silence, or picking up toys.

– the very practical parent

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